Trends in Fitness Management

Two men at Pro Fit Plan and Manage Fitness FacilitiesFitness facility management should be more than simply overseeing your gym or gyms. It should be focused on the optimal performance of your facilities in every facet to capture the highest ROI possible. Currently fitness management companies are striving to provide more value than ever before.

Many multi-family housing properties hire property management maintenance companies to respond to tenant complaints and fix issues as they come up. Most property management companies do not go out of their way to create marketing plans and go over designs for dog parks or other plans you may have for your property.

Fitness management companies are willing to do these things for you in addition to turn-key management services. The current trend for fitness management companies is to provide services that will allow fitness centers and property groups to grow.

You know that your fitness center is the number one amenity at your property. Hiring a fitness management company that is up to date on the current trends will increase your occupancy rates and allow you to increase rent premiums.

Using a top fitness management company will help you give tenants what they want by designing a better center, adding equipment, classes, or other perks while increasing your bottom line bottom line.

The best fitness management companies offer:

  • Staffing and Staff Management
  • Marketing Services
  • Equipment Purchasing
  • Market Analysis
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Financial Services
  • Complete Overhaul and Redesign
  • Concept Planning
  • Design Consultation
  • Employee Training
  • SOP Development
  • Website Design
  • Equipment Installation
  • Equipment Maintenance
  • And Much More!

As you can see fitness management companies are doing a lot more than they once did. Today your fitness management company operates as a full-service business concierge.

For example, you want to install a pool, spa, or even a dog spa, your fitness management company should be able to produce market reports and estimate the ROI on the project. They will help you decide if the project is worth while or not.

One of the top companies in the United States that will do all of this for your multi-family dwellings is ProFIT. They have a branded five-star aggressive hospitality customer care program that will have your tenants raving about your fitness area and programs.

If you are looking for great results, work with the best in the industry. ProFit manages spaces between 2,000 and 150,000 square feet. Give ProFit a call today at (202)744-9320 to find out more about our comprehensive management services.